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Global Library Books

Soami Ji of Agra Answering Questions, 2 vols.

translated by Anthea Guinness

A glimpse of lively discussions with the mystic
Soami Shiv Dayal Singh (1818-1878) –
a major figure in contemporary mysticism worldwide.

To order @ 25% discount: SRP estore

Eye of an Artist books

Greg Meyer: Arizona Places (photographs)

book001 (4)

Full of beautiful photos of Arizona – including rivers and mountains.
As the author says, he goes out in all weathers and all terrains
to save you doing so!
And there’s a GPS list in the back
if you are inspired to find your way to each site.

Beyond Borders books

Dyan Dubois: Rajasthan suite memory (a novel)


If you enjoy reading,
dipping into other cultures, other times, other dimensions,
Dyan’s Rajasthan Suite Memory will hit the spot!


For information on ordering and to see the range of Salt River books, visit the eStore    


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Getting your book published

  • Do you have an inspiring book, a children’s book, an action story, that you would like to submit for publication? Or a book that deepens the ordinary person’s understanding of mysticism? Salt River is interested!
  • Are you a writer or an artist needing help with publishing your work, independently or at Salt River? That’s another thing we do well at Salt River. You’re welcome to explore the options we offer and the information we have gathered to help you move forward on your venture.
  • Do you lack funds to pay editors and designers? Read about our DIY books – a way you can publish your book at minimal cost.


Creative Commons License
ON SALT RIVER by AG et al is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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  1. Mark Meador says:

    RS Thanks! I will order then. Take care!!🙏🏽

  2. Mark Meador says:

    Will you be publishing the two books of Soami Ji again? If so when? Thanks! RS

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