To Simran, dear husband, sweet love ~ by Maggie Keenan

[Editor’s note: MK wrote this poem several years ago in the days following the death of her husband – struggling with shock, grief and the obligation to keep on going… “Simran” means the repetition of names of God, sometimes called constant interior prayer.]

Walk with me, Simran, dear husband, sweet love.
On the day we were wed, we made sacred vows:
In sickness and health,
In sweetness and sorrow –
Walk with me, Simran, your pace I can follow.

You are my refuge, my helpmeet, my friend,
My companion for life – take my soul in your hand.
Your breath is mine,
My breath is yours.
You are my refuge, in you I find courage.

Your words in my heart are the balm for my fears.
Hold me steadfast, faithful, my steps tuned to yours.
To love and to cherish you –
This is my life.
Your words in my heart keep me steady in strife.

My thoughts drown in you, dear Simran, my joy.
It is you that I love, I honour and obey.
Hold me close, take my all,
For better, for worse –
My thoughts lost in you, my heart is yours.


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