Kabir: Talk of the Beloved

Browsing today through an earlier 1990s incarnation of The Inner Way (Phoenix: Salt River Publishing, 2013), I came across these Kabir couplets. Can one ever get enough of Kabir?

You think I can describe the Beloved?
He is beautiful.
And then –
There’s this oneness,
A unity
In colour, form, beauty.

I’m dyed in that colour,
In his love,
Intoxicated with his radiance –
Lost to my body, mind
And all the rest of it.

Drink it down, this juice –
If you really want to know the Beloved.
You stay high forever on the intoxication of the Name
Once you drink the nectar juice, the Essence!

Love, love – everybody talks about it
But show me someone who’s experienced it!
Saturated, obsessed, twenty-four hours a day –
Yes, call that love.

You want a drink of love?
Think again – the tip is your head!
There’s no way the greedy will agree to that.
Why do you suppose they talk of love instead?


Couplets by Kabir.

Creative Commons License
MYSTIC SONGPOEMS by Anthea Guinness (Translator) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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