INNER WAY underway

Inner Way proofs are here!

June 2013: Interior book design by Carol White with AG assisting her with the layout (composition). Lots of fun… + eye strain. After many moons of working on this book, it’s great to have a copy of it in real book form in your hands – wow, progress! You can see a picture of the book right here.

July 2013: Proof copies of The Inner Way to 5 critical readers for final feedback. Proof copies to a variety of “responders” – hoping to get responses from people representing a range of spiritual/religious backgrounds. Their responses will be included in the book (first or second edition).

August to November 2013: Revision time. Working on making the language inclusive and the Hindi terms less visible. Unexpected upward spiral!

IW Guided Tour   You can enjoy the Inner Way anthology without knowing anything about the spiritual traditions the pieces come from. But if somebody wants to go a little deeper into the mystic terms and meanings of the quotes, stories and songpoems, this blog provides an easy way to do so.

Written by Anthea G, the editor/translator of The Inner Way, “IW Guided Tour” is the third blog in the mysticism series that so far includes Fascinating Mystics and It Means What?

The “Guided Tour” will begin in sync with the release of The Inner Way – December 2013 – and will work its way through the book chronologically, bit by bit, until all the significant mystic expressions in all the selections have been discussed.

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SALT RIVER MEANDERINGS by AG et al is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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