Shiv Dayal Singh: You have been unhappy, I know

You have been unhappy, soul, I know –
Ever since the day you lost remembrance of the Sound
And made friends with the mind.

This fool of a mind tied you to the body
Because it is tantalized
By the taste of sense pleasures.

Family and community – they’re a source of pain,
Not least because you are lost
As long as you rely on their company.

You are a conscious being. All this is inert –
It’s fake, a counterfeit reality.
Why associate yourself so intimately with any of it?

That’s why I’m urging you to wake up,
To make your way while you have the chance –
Otherwise you’ll go on wandering from form to form.

Attend satsang,
Search for your true home within,
Immerse yourself in the love of the satguru.

The jewel of Naam – the master will help you
Realize the Name within. You’ll climb up inside,
From sky to sky, retracing your way.

Do just this much, now,
While you are alive –
And the master will take care of the rest.

Digest and act on what Radha Soami says –
You’ll leave pain behind
And find the sign that leads to happiness.

You have been unhappy, I know –
Ever since the day you lost remembrance
Of Shabd, the sound within.
Now cherish what Radha Soami has told you –
Let go of pain, find the sign to happiness.


“surat too dukhi rahé ham jaani”
Saar Bachan 14:10
English translation by Anthea Guinness, 2013


soul = surat, consciousness; inert describes our body and mind (our whole “identity”); form to form = transmigration; Radha Soami = Lord (swaami) of the soul (Radha, epithet for soul). You’re welcome to go to It means what? for info about mystic terms and expressions.

2 comments on “Shiv Dayal Singh: You have been unhappy, I know

  1. Lovely clarification of the soul’s distress and the need to find the jewel of nam within. Thank you 🙂
    Love Linda

  2. Jacque Carter says:

    Absolutely beautiful, Ms. Guinness. Thank you!! Love, Jacque

    On Fri, Aug 23, 2013 at 3:59 PM, On Salt River

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