Jaimal Singh: 18 August 1896

…You write that when you listen, you’re not able to distinguish any particular sound. Don’t worry about it: when you listen to the sound, listen for the bell sound – at first you’ll hear a sound like a cricket talking, a thin high sound, then the sound of a conch, much deeper, and then the sound will follow, my son.

And do not be concerned about your reaching Sach Khand. This Five-Shabd Dhun that you have been attached to will one day take you to Sach Khand – so this is what you need to catch hold of because this very thing comes from Sach Khand. It comes here just in order to take with it the consciousness (surat) or soul (jeevaatma).

Whoever comes in contact with a satguru, a true teacher who has the secret of the five shabds, and he gives them the whole secret, as their consciousness becomes purer it will keep rising upwards. Don’t be in a hurry, child.

I am very very pleased with you. Do as described. You will go all the way with me. Do not feel perturbed.

Do your meditation every day, my child. The consciousness will become pure. Since pain and happiness come by his will, they shouldn’t disturb you.

You have received the fruit of darshan because you felt such regret that you are not having darshan. You write “Please come to this place” – it’s not possible now because satsang is being held regularly here in Dera. I can’t come now but we’ll see about it in the winter, my son.


Parmaarthi Pattar (Beas, Punjab: RSSB, 1975) – Punjabi letters of Baba Jaimal Singh to his disciple (and successor) Babu Sawan Singh

These are excerpts from the first extant letter from Baba Jaimal Singh to Sawan Singh, dated 18 August [1896] – other letters were written before this date, but are not available now. “Dera” > place where the master lives; Sach Khand > ‘true land’, name of the infinite plane of highest consciousness. Click on the hyperlinked words to go to “It Means What?” for definitions of other terms.

English translation by Anthea Guinness, 2013
Creative Commons License
MYSTIC WRITINGS by Anthea Guinness (Translator) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

2 comments on “Jaimal Singh: 18 August 1896

  1. Charles Power says:

    Superior translation, Ji! Thank you! [?]*Sound and Light[?][?][?]*

    On Sun, Sep 22, 2013 at 1:26 PM, On Salt River

  2. Ann watters says:

    Beautiful and helpful! thanks Anthea

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