Miss Puss Insists

Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!
The day is fast proceeding,
Get up Neow Neow! Neow!
Your cat needs feeding.

It’s only half past five, you say?
No, surely you’re mistaken.
My tummy says it’s way past eight,
And feeling quite forsaken.

I tried to wake you gently
With a paw upon your cheek,
I even kissed your eyelids,
But you never stirred or squeaked.

I purred as loudly as I could
Directly in your ear,
And pressed my cold, wet nose into
That warm place  over here.

Must I stomp upon your chest?
What else can I propose, or
I’ll push and shove and roll you out,
A seven pound bulldozer.

Oh good. You’re up. Don’t dally now;
Don’t dawdle at the sink.
Come now! Neow! Neow! Neow!
I must have food and drink.

This is it?
The same old Fancy Feast?
It’s just that I expected
Something fresh at least.

I’m better now, I’ve had my bath;
And water from the tap;
The whole ordeal’s exhausted me;
I’m ready for a nap.


Coming of Age by Rosemary Rawson is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.


5 comments on “Miss Puss Insists

  1. Rebecca Rawson says:

    Cute! Made me smile cause it is true with my Marley ans Izzy 🙂

  2. Rebecca says:

    Wonderful! For anyone who has loved a cat, it’s a perfect word picture!!

  3. Sue Rawson says:

    How clever! How true!

  4. Darlene says:

    And a poet too yet! Thanks for the smiles, Rosemary.

  5. Wendy Berry says:

    So like a cat!

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