“Wake up! if you can” – sayings of Kabir

Salt River Publishing is pleased to announce that on June 23rd 2014 we published WAKE UP! IF YOU CAN:

Wake Up! if you can

“The intention of this small book of sayings is to offer – thanks to Kabir – a homeopathic dose of hope, help and humour for the way.”

More than 30 sayings of Kabir: inspiring, touching, encouraging, delightful – and very Kabir! He is bold, unexpected, witty… and this little book captures those Kabir qualities admirably.

In addition to the sayings, the book has an introduction, a glossary and a life sketch of Kabir.  86 pages.

Kabir is the first in the “Tuppany” series of pocket paperbacks – another title is scheduled for release in 2014: the songpoems of Paltu.

These books are cute pocket paperbacks (4.25″ x 6″) that slip into a purse or briefcase and weigh next to nothing. They make a nice gift – you can mail them first class in a simple envelope for less than $1.50 in most states (US).

You are welcome to write a review at Amazon – potential readers like to check out reviews, so your comments, pro or con, are helpful.

The Tuppany books are available at the Salt River eStore and at Amazon. If you’re using the Salt River estore, insert the discount code at the shopping cart. Compare shipping rates (estore & amazon) so you choose what works best for you.

Happy reading!

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