Library of Congress recognition

Salt River Publishing has been recognized by the Library of Congress as a genuine “small publisher”.

We qualified for two reasons:

  • We have published books by at least four authors… Five to date, with two more authors’ books scheduled for 2016!
  • And the way our books look at Bowkers (the catalogue that is used by libraries and booksellers) conveys that Salt River books are of good quality.

What does it mean to us, practically? We get to have a Library of Congress ID number (“CPN”) on the copyright page of each book. The CPN is used by librarians – and it’s a definite sign for booksellers and librarians that Salt River has arrived!

3 comments on “Library of Congress recognition

  1. Ashkum Ashwick says:

    I have come across your two books. Saint Paltu and Sant Kabir’s songpoems translated into English by Anthea Guinness. Amazing job done! Great for seekers of mystic truth.

    Please publish such more book.

    Much love.


    • antheag05 says:

      Thank you, Ash! Feel free to write a review at Amazon – it may help reach a wider audience with our range of mystic books. You might also be interested in THE INNER WAY – some lovely quotes from about 100 mystics. And the series on SOAMI JI OF AGRA has 3 books so far – hopefully with more to come. Enjoy! Much love and appreciation for your message – AntheaG

  2. Ann Watters RPE,BCPP says:


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