Rethinking our books

In the wake of Salt River Publishing getting recognized as a bona fide “small publishing company” by the Library of Congress, we are reorganizing our booklist – and our thinking about the SRP publications.

The Salt River Imprints

Our overall goal is to publish books that encourage and inspire. To date, we have published three groups of books, with a fourth group hopefully emerging in the new year:

  • One group of books is what we now call the Tuppany books. They are about not taking life too seriously… Whether through laughter or positive suggestions, these books help us keep going lightly.
  • The upcoming New Moon books are for children – stories with (or without) illustrations, including books by children for children.
  • And another group is what we call the Global Library books. They are for self-study:  reflective, educational, self-developmental…
  • And a fourth group is the Pocketbooks. These literally fit into a (large) pocket – and slip into a purse or a backpack. They contain mystic sayings and songpoems, each book focusing on one mystic.

Most of the Global books will qualify for distribution to libraries and academic institutions and will include the Library of Congress PCN ID number, for which Salt River now qualifies.

As we go forward, we will use these four Imprints for all new books. We’ll update the covers of our current books to reflect the Imprints when we bring out new editions.

Here’s how our booklist looks right now (November 2015):

SRP Global Library books

Tuppany books


  • Anthea Guinness: Dawn has come – Songpoems of Paltu
  • The Kabir Pocketbook turned into a full-length Global Library book
  • Other Pocketbooks are underway – Farid and Bullah, for a start

New Moon books

  • children’s books by Tia Pleiman and her students



One comment on “Rethinking our books

  1. Cindy says:

    This is so very exciting, Anthea. Congratulations on steady, consistent work paying off. Much appreciation.

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