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We are pleased to announce our latest book to be published:

3 BookCoverImage_TREASURE_06.09.20

It’s a new translation of spiritual poems by the mystic Soami Ji of Agra, describing the path to liberation of the soul through devotion to the inner sound.

Available through info@saltriverpubs at 25% discount and also through Amazon


We are pleased and proud to announce the books Salt River published in 2019:

  • Renata Mongillo’s Figure It Out
  • Gretchen Korzaan and Cynthia Spring’s illustrated children’s story, Runt, the Littlest Donkey
  • Elley-Ray’s Fly with Eagles

Congratulations to the writers and illustrators!

Even the covers look enticing:

FIO Cover v2.indd FWE COVER_v8 Drop Shadow ER_218p.indd   BookCoverImage RUNT


Well done, everybody!


The translator temporarily un-published the 2 volumes of the Soami Ji books and the Kindle version too. THEY WILL ALL BE AVAILABLE AGAIN ON AMAZON BY THE END OF MAY! Thanks for your interest and inquiries.

UPDATE: As of May 30, the books are listed at – current edition, kindle and paperback.

There will be other Soami Ji books in this series. We’ll let you know through this blog in the usual way.


book001 (1)Full of unusual photos of Arizona – including rivers, mountains and hidden canyons, not just saguaro cactus and burning desert – this book by photographer Greg Meyer lives up to its subtitle: Otherworldly and beautiful.

As Greg says, he goes out in all weathers and all terrains to save you having to do so! But there’s a GPS list in the back so you can find your way to each site if you wish to.

Available in Hardback – through Greg Meyer at the Salt River Publishing estore.

Break the trend

Update: As of August 2017, the page in the back of each SRP book is a simple THANK YOU for purchasing a copy of the book – with links to Amazon and Salt River.


Ultimately, we decided the following notice was negative in its approach:

We recently started putting this message in the back of all SRP publications. In case you haven’t seen it:

A London publisher once said, “People will beg, borrow or steal a book, but not buy.”

  • Choose to be a buyer! Don’t lend your copy to all your friends – order two copies of this book today and give them away.
  • This is your chance to stand with all of us – the writers, artists, editors and designers associated with the no-profit Salt River Publishing company.
Publisher discount available at the estore