Authors and Artists

We at Salt River Pubishing are proud to introduce the authors and artists associated with Salt River Publishing:

Writers whose work is being published by SRP

  • Dyan Dubois is an artist and a writer who lives in California. Her novels take you into adventure, romance and time travel, sliding gracefully from one century to another, one lifetime to another. Her stories are page-turners and you come away with information about other cultures, other times, other worlds. Her first book with Salt River is Rajasthan Suite Memory.


  • Janice Fletcher inspires. As a teacher, nationally distinguished principal, international speaker, consultant, trainer, dive-master and yoga teacher, this lifelong spiritual seeker has always been on a quest: self-discovery and inspiring others. Janice shares her life with her husband and two golden retrievers in Tega Cay, SC and on Martha’s Vineyard. Author of two books in the OWL series (Optimal Wisdom Learning), Janice’s latest is the Salt River publication, Teach with Spirit.


  • Anthea Guinness went to India on a 9-month Hindi scholarship and stayed for 29 years. She studied, taught, translated – and copy-edited books on the bhakti tradition. With a PhD in comparative religion, she is the founder of Salt River Publishing and divides her time now between India and Arizona. She has translated/edited several books of mystic collections, including The inner way – a mystic anthology of songpoems, stories, reflections.


  • Shanan Harrell (aka Yogashanan) is a writer and an Iyengar yoga teacher in Tehachapi, California. She has a wonderful sense of humor and a Buddhist insight into the challenges and pitfalls of everyday living. Stumbling towards enlightenment is the hilarious, touching, meaningful result.


  • Greg Meyer, MD(H) is a keen photographer from Arizona who travels all over the world with his camera ready. His photos are followed on and he put together a dazzling selection for his first Salt River book, Arizona Places: otherworldly and beautiful.



  • Rosemary Rawson, born in North Dakota, graduated from the University of North Dakota and with a degree in English/journalism headed for the nearest big city, Minneapolis/St.Paul, MN, where she married a newspaper reporter and had four children. She is now retired and lives in Tucson, AZ. Journalist and author of Dark bread and dancing, in her latest book Rosemary delights with her insights, encouragement and self-deprecating humor. It’s a small book that should be included in a top ten of “seniors’ specials” – Coming of age.


  • Elley-Ray Tsipolitis is an actress, director, teacher, humanitarian – and a motivator wherever she goes. She lives in Toronto, Canada and travels widely. Elley-Ray is an Honorary Doctor of Laws, University of Windsor. Salt River has published Elley-Ray’s Butterfly Kisses.


Writers who are Salt River associates

  • Benjamin Madison, SRP Content Editor, is the author of two books published by Oolichan Press: The Moon’s Fireflies (a collection of interlinked short stories set in West Africa) and Long Legs Boy (a novel set in West Africa). Benjamin lived and worked in West Africa for 17 years and now lives in Victoria BC.


Writers who publish independently

with professional help from Salt River associates

  • Chloe Faith Wordsworth is the founder and developer of the Resonance Repatterning system – which has spread around the world by word of mouth. Born in England in 1942, brought up in a pioneering intentional community founded by her parents with its own organically grown food and school, Chloe came to the US in 1963 and has lived here ever since. She teaches RR in North America, Europe, South Africa and elsewhere, writes books on RR, including Quantum Change Made Easy – and lives in Arizona.   Chloe has consistently used Salt River Publishing editors and designers for all her books – 14 to date!


You’re welcome to go to ASSISTANCE for various aspects of finalizing and publishing your work that SRP can help you with.

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