Reader responses to the Paltu book

A friend gave me a copy of DAWN HAS COME. It’s beautiful!!! More than beautiful!!! Most inspiring.

RC, California – Sept 2014


In one of the songpoems included in “Dawn has come: Songpoems of Paltu,” the Indian mystic Paltu writes, “Even deadwood smells sweet when stored near sandalwood.” The sandalwood Paltu has in mind is the saint who is one with God, the saint whose presence in our lives serves to dissolve the barriers to our receptivity to the Source of our Spiritual Origins. Paltu’s songpoems are replete with sublime imagery that helps us gain a degree of understanding and appreciation of the role of the saint in shepherding us to our Transcendent Home. The translator of this collection of Paltu’s songpoems, Anthea Guinness, provides an introduction that is a treasure house of insight into the often misunderstood topic of oneness, oneness of the master and God, and our oneness with the Divine that is within the potential of each of us and is our Destiny. The reader of “Dawn has come” will be eager to inhale again and again the intoxicating fragrance that wafts from its pages.

William C. Bailey – Sept 29 2014 REVIEW at

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