Reviews and Reflections on THE INNER WAY anthology

A few responses to The Inner Way

Salt River Publishing, December 2013 ~


The Inner Way is a beautiful collection of unusual stories, inspiring poetry and fresh translations of ancient texts. For all who believe that “the kingdom of God is within,” this small book will provide clarity and encouragement.

~ The Rev. Dr Barbara Merritt
Author, Amethyst Beach
Unitarian Universalist Minister (retd)


By turns evocative, startling, deeply moving and delightful, these poems, stories and quotations are an immensely valuable contribution to our global conversation about spirituality, meditative practice, cross-cultural religious studies and depth psychology. The sequence of the selections is a marvelous way of organizing such a poetic book.

~ Paul Moore, PhD
Psychologist, Lecturer, Writer


I open this book and so often am moved to tears: the poetry, quotes and stories touch that deep place of yearning within.

~ Chloe Faith Wordsworth
Author, Quantum Change Made Easy and Spiral Up!
Founder, Resonance Repatterning


This book clearly spells out the fundamentals of spirituality. I believe it will uplift and move many hearts closer toward the inner essence and source that we all share.

~ Dr Berkeley Digby
Homeopathic physician, lover of Taoism


Opening The Inner Way connects the reader to the heart of spirituality and the mystery of longing, seeking and merging beyond the boundaries of language, religion and time. Each poem is enhanced by stories and sayings from mystics of all ages, offering a unique invitation to join the celebration of love.

~ Farida Sharan, ND
Author, The Old Man and His Soul
Founder, School of Natural Medicine


There is pleasure in reading fresh translations of songpoems by saints I’ve long appreciated – an enjoyment now complemented by quotations and stories from wisdom carriers new to me, as well as the editor’s eloquent perspective.

~ Kenneth Fread
Woodworking craftsman, student of mysticism


I love that I can keep this book close by, open to any page, and find something juicy to ponder. The Perspective pages, author index and glossary are essential to the neophyte (like me) and help make The Inner Way a significant source for personal and group study.

~ Shanan Harrell
Author, Stumbling Towards Enlightenment


Bravo to the author for providing a book that soothes the heart and inspires the mind. It proves the age-old “Paths are many but Truth is one.” The Inner Way has become my new daily companion.

~ Rev. Ileane Fae Ellsworth
Interfaith Minister


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