We are pleased to announce the new edition of A Path of Love and Becoming a Discipleformerly known as “Soami Ji of Agra Answering Questions”

BookCoverImage_PathOfLove             BookCoverImage_BecomingADisciple

Two more books in the Soami Ji of Agra series are scheduled for publication in 2020, including Hidden Treasure: Shabds by Soami Ji of Agra.


We are pleased and proud to announce the books Salt River published in 2019:

  • Renata Mongillo’s Figure It Out
  • Gretchen Korzaan and Cynthia Spring’s illustrated children’s story, Runt, the Littlest Donkey
  • Elley-Ray’s Fly with Eagles

Congratulations to the writers and illustrators!

Even the covers look enticing:

FIO Cover v2.indd FWE COVER_v8 Drop Shadow ER_218p.indd   BookCoverImage RUNT


Well done, everybody!


The translator temporarily un-published the 2 volumes of the Soami Ji books and the Kindle version too. THEY WILL ALL BE AVAILABLE AGAIN ON AMAZON BY THE END OF MAY! Thanks for your interest and inquiries.

UPDATE: As of May 30, the books are listed at Amazon.com – current edition, kindle and paperback.

There will be other Soami Ji books in this series. We’ll let you know through this blog in the usual way.

Dancing with The Mariachis

“Do you have a list of things you always wanted to do in Tucson that you never got around to?”

The question came from Linda. She and Mike (John’s son) had moved to Tucson the previous fall and were exploring all things new and exciting about living in the southwest. It was fun showing them some of our favorite places and activities. But now our situations had reversed. I had decided it was time for me to leave Tucson for a place better suited to aging in place and had put my name on a waiting list for just such a place — Becketwood, a senior coop in Minneapolis where I had history and daughters.

Now I faced the reality of leaving a place I had lived for thirty-some years and grown to love. So the answer to Linda’s question was yes.  There were things I’d always wanted to do that would not be that much fun (or even possible) alone.

So we began to check them off: Continue reading

Have Cat, Will Travel

It took almost two years to plan and execute my move back to Minneapolis from Tucson, a daunting task that included selling the house I’d lived in for sixteen years and most of its contents, preparing to leave all my professional support network — the doctors, attorney, accountant, Tee, my massage therapist, Darlene who cuts my hair and keeps my secrets, Firuzeh, my acupuncturist. My mah jongg group, my spiritual group, friends, neighbors. A million decisions to make.

And then there was Bill.

Bill is my accidental cat, as all the good ones are, a black and white “tuxedo” short hair who arrived at my door a month or so after the death of Miss Puss (but that’s another accidental cat story). My friend Susan who volunteered at the animal shelter, knew I was suffering kitty deficit, so when Bill arrived in the shelter she sent me a picture. He had oversized ears and big round eyes that gave him a perpetually startled look. I knew I should not be taking in a kitten, but he was adorable. Resistance was futile. I named him Sweet William the Lionhearted, which seemed appropriate at the time. But as happens, the fuzzy five pound kitty became a glossy twelve pound cat now called Bill. Continue reading


book001 (1)Full of unusual photos of Arizona – including rivers, mountains and hidden canyons, not just saguaro cactus and burning desert – this book by photographer Greg Meyer lives up to its subtitle: Otherworldly and beautiful.

As Greg says, he goes out in all weathers and all terrains to save you having to do so! But there’s a GPS list in the back so you can find your way to each site if you wish to.

Available in Hardback – through Greg Meyer at the Salt River Publishing estore.