Break the trend

Update: As of August 2017, the page in the back of each SRP book is a simple THANK YOU for purchasing a copy of the book – with links to Amazon and Salt River.


Ultimately, we decided the following notice was negative in its approach:

We recently started putting this message in the back of all SRP publications. In case you haven’t seen it:

A London publisher once said, “People will beg, borrow or steal a book, but not buy.”

  • Choose to be a buyer! Don’t lend your copy to all your friends – order two copies of this book today and give them away.
  • This is your chance to stand with all of us – the writers, artists, editors and designers associated with the no-profit Salt River Publishing company.
Publisher discount available at the estore

VILLAGE VOICES: Books for kids by kids!

We are totally delighted to present our latest Salt River publications: a series of books for children of all ages, called VILLAGE VOICES.

Tia Pleiman worked with children and adults in isolated villages in north and south India, getting them to create their own books. Your purchases will support her continuing work in US and Asia…



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In January 2016 we published the revised edition of the SRP Pocketbook series:

PALTU_Lotus_thumb               KABIR_Lotus_thumb

They look gorgeous – thanks to the beautiful photography of Greg Meyer and the tweaking by cover designer Carol White.

Originally published in 2014, the content has been updated. Both volumes now focus for the most part on love poems. A third volume in the series is expected later in 2016…

Rethinking our books

In the wake of Salt River Publishing getting recognized as a bona fide “small publishing company” by the Library of Congress, we are reorganizing our booklist – and our thinking about the SRP publications.

The Salt River Imprints

Our overall goal is to publish books that encourage and inspire. To date, we have published three groups of books, with a fourth group hopefully emerging in the new year:

  • One group of books is what we now call the Tuppany books. They are about not taking life too seriously… Whether through laughter or positive suggestions, these books help us keep going lightly.
  • The upcoming New Moon books are for children – stories with (or without) illustrations, including books by children for children.
  • And another group is what we call the Global Library books. They are for self-study:  reflective, educational, self-developmental…
  • And a fourth group is the Pocketbooks. These literally fit into a (large) pocket – and slip into a purse or a backpack. They contain mystic sayings and songpoems, each book focusing on one mystic.

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Library of Congress recognition

Salt River Publishing has been recognized by the Library of Congress as a genuine “small publisher”.

We qualified for two reasons:

  • We have published books by at least four authors… Five to date, with two more authors’ books scheduled for 2016!
  • And the way our books look at Bowkers (the catalogue that is used by libraries and booksellers) conveys that Salt River books are of good quality.

What does it mean to us, practically? We get to have a Library of Congress ID number (“CPN”) on the copyright page of each book. The CPN is used by librarians – and it’s a definite sign for booksellers and librarians that Salt River has arrived!


We are pleased to announce that Elley-Ray’s new book, Butterfly Kisses, is here!

BookCoverImage BUTTERFLY KISSESCharmingly presented, this pocketbook contains 365 inspirational quotes and suggestions. They make you smile and provide unexpected directions for daily motivation.

Copies available, as usual, at the estore and at amazon. Enjoy!

A rare one of a kind

I recognized the sound for what it was immediately. Eighty was trying to get her back legs under her and get to the door, but this was the time it was not going to work. I’d been expecting it — dreading it — for weeks.

Eighty is the dog we chose for John’s eightieth birthday in 2002. We had been visiting the pound and the Humane Society for a week and had not found The One. “How about this one?” I asked, pointing out a medium sized black-grey one with the long legs, folded ears, bedroom slipper feet, Andy Rooney eyebrows and a bright, curious look that said, “Hey, what about me?” Continue reading