We are pleased to announce our latest book to be published:

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It’s a new translation of spiritual poems by the mystic Soami Ji of Agra, describing the path to liberation of the soul through devotion to the inner sound.

Available through info@saltriverpubs at 25% discount and also through Amazon


Salt River Publishing is pleased to announce the arrival of our latest book:


Wake up! if you can includes 101 poetic sayings by the mystic Kabir with helpful reflections that extend the meaning, and mystic stories that illustrate them…

It makes a delightful addition to any library – so treat yourself!

Mystic songpoems alert

We’re excited about the new InnerWayAnthology.com website!

  • If you have been following the “Mystic songpoems” blog, you will be happy to know there are a whole series of new posts coming up on this topic – over at the new site, under the same blog title – Mystic songpoems.
  • These are excerpts from the Inner Way anthology, used with permission, as part of the Inner Way Guided Tour.
  • A new feature at the Anthology website is the discussion of each songpoem in the Inner Way – exploring a little deeper the mystic terms and expressions used in each piece.

We hope you’ll enjoy!

Shiv Dayal Singh: The month of Leo

Shiv Dayal Singh wrote a group of twelve songpoems, one for each month of the Indian calendar. Unlike the Gregorian calendar we use, the Indian months are a way of tracking the movement of the sun from one constellation to the next – each month beginning when the sun moves into the next constellation in the zodiac. This songpoem is for the month of Saawan (July-August) when the sun is in Leo – the beginning of the rainy season in India. One approach to reading it is to subdivide it into 3 sections: Life’s potential; Wasted opportunity; Life well spent. As with all his other Zodiac poems, this one is pretty intense. Continue reading