The translator temporarily un-published the 2 volumes of the Soami Ji books and the Kindle version too. THEY WILL ALL BE AVAILABLE AGAIN ON AMAZON BY THE END OF MAY! Thanks for your interest and inquiries.

UPDATE: As of May 30, the books are listed at – current edition, kindle and paperback.

There will be another Soami Ji book by the end of the year. We’ll let you know through this blog in the usual way.


In a nutshell

The opening to Saar Bachan Prose by Shiv Dayal Singh – very powerful!

This world is not lasting, nor are any of the things connected with it.

Sensible people evaluate their involvements in the world and see them for what they are – temporary. So they put the human body to good use by worshipping God through bhajan and simran.

As a result, they benefit from all the things the Creator, out of his compassion, has given us inside the body and they take the priceless jewel, the essence of the elements – their surat or soul – all the way back to its original home.


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“The only begotten son” – or not?

We’re all familiar with the verse about “the Word made flesh” – but the rest of the verse is challenging, when looked at it in the context of mystic teachings generally. The verse is understood to mean that Jesus is the only begotten son of the Father – that is, he is the only master and saviour for all time; whereas mystics everywhere teach that there is always at least one living master in the world in every generation. Hm… Continue reading

Jaimal Singh: 18 August 1896

…You write that when you listen, you’re not able to distinguish any particular sound. Don’t worry about it: when you listen to the sound, listen for the bell sound – at first you’ll hear a sound like a cricket talking, a thin high sound, then the sound of a conch, much deeper, and then the sound Continue reading