In January 2016 we published the revised edition of the SRP Pocketbook series:

PALTU_Lotus_thumb               KABIR_Lotus_thumb

They look gorgeous – thanks to the beautiful photography of Greg Meyer and the tweaking by cover designer Carol White.

Originally published in 2014, the content has been updated. Both volumes now focus for the most part on love poems. A third volume in the series is expected later in 2016…

25% discount on 4+ copies

Some of you loyal friends of Salt River purchase 4 or more copies of an SRP book as gifts. We have just come up with a 25% discount option – hopefully providing you with a nice savings for your generosity.

Visit the SRP estore for details.

Happy new year!


*Updated July 2017


We are pleased to announce that Elley-Ray’s new book, Butterfly Kisses, is here!

BookCoverImage BUTTERFLY KISSESCharmingly presented, this pocketbook contains 365 inspirational quotes and suggestions. They make you smile and provide unexpected directions for daily motivation.

Copies available, as usual, at the estore and at amazon. Enjoy!

“Stumbling towards enlightenment” – a Yoga 101 collection

Salt River Publishing is very pleased to announce that on August 15th 2014 we published STUMBLING TOWARDS ENLIGHTENMENT by Shanan Harrell.


Stumbling towards Enlightenment  is a collection of delightful, humorous, down-to-earth reflections on everyday events – from the perspective of yoga and self-transformation.

It’s a refreshing read for anybody who tends to take themselves (and life) too seriously. “Yogashanan” will have you laughing in no time.

And she may even inspire you to stumble your way into a few changes!

Seriously recommended.

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“Dawn has come” – songpoems of Paltu

Salt River Publishing is pleased to announce that on August 1st 2014 we published DAWN HAS COME – songpoems of the mystic Paltu!

Paltu was a charismatic mystic and teacher in the 1700s whose beautiful songpoems, sung to a haunting melody, electrify audiences in India to this day.

DAWN HAS COME is a pocketbook collection of Paltu’s mystic writings – fresh translations from the original Hindi, echoing the sparkle, humour and lyricism of Paltu’s style.

The selection focuses on love poems – Paltu’s writings about the master, the master/disciple relationship, and the unfolding of the inner way.

DAWN HAS COME is the second in the Tuppany series. The first is WAKE UP! IF YOU CAN – SAYINGS OF KABIR.

The book includes an introduction, a glossary of mystic expressions, and a life sketch of Paltu.

Enjoy 🙂

“Wake up! if you can” – sayings of Kabir

Salt River Publishing is pleased to announce that on June 23rd 2014 we published WAKE UP! IF YOU CAN:

Wake Up! if you can

“The intention of this small book of sayings is to offer – thanks to Kabir – a homeopathic dose of hope, help and humour for the way.”

More than 30 sayings of Kabir: inspiring, touching, encouraging, delightful – and very Kabir! He is bold, unexpected, witty… and this little book captures those Kabir qualities admirably.

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INNER WAY is here

It’s December 12th and Salt River is celebrating: The Inner Way anthology is out!

Yes, it will be available in Kindle in 2014. And an audio version is planned for 2014.

With many thanks to all those who contributed time, feedback, suggestions and moral support – and many thanks to the SRP team!