Salt River eStore



Most recent SRP book…

Eye of an Artist Books

Greg Meyer: Arizona Places –
otherworldly and beautiful


Global Library books

Janice Fletcher: Teach with Spirit – The teacher’s inward journey guide (206 pgs)

TWS Front Cover Web


Anthea Guinness: Inner Way – A mystic anthology of songpoems, stories, reflections (238 pgs)  Suitable for age 13 on up


Anthea Guinness: Wake up! if you can – Sayings of Kabir with reflections and mystic stories (352 pgs)


Tuppany books

Shanan Harrell: Stumbling towards Enlightenment – A Yoga 101 collection (214 pgs)



Rosemary Rawson: Coming of Age – Notes from the front line of aging (104 pgs)

BookCoverImage COA


Elley-Ray Tsipolitis: Butterfly Kisses – Quotes for daily motivation and renewal (228 pgs)




Anthea Guinness: Dawn has come – Songpoems of Paltu (134 pgs)


Beyond Borders books


Eye of an Artist books


New Moon books – for children by children




Underway 2017

  • Two anthologies on mysticism – one of them due out in 2017.

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Creative Commons License
ON SALT RIVER by AG et al is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.


2 comments on “Salt River eStore

  1. Dawn Brennan says:

    Please contact me ASAP when this book is available for purchase! Thanks

    • antheag05 says:

      Hi Dawn – Thanks for your interest in the Salt River books. Not sure which one in particular interests you, but you’re welcome to sign up to receive an email announcement when any Salt River book is published. Best wishes! AG

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