25% discount

You are welcome to use the SRP author discount option.

  • It works best when ordering several books – the mailing cost drops considerably.
  • It works great if you live in Europe/UK – the postage is much less than you would pay at amazon. Example: Soami Ji of Agra, 2 vols, to Greece – $32 total, including $7.75 for shipping (the 2 vols alone normally retail for $30 per set).
  • Even Amazon Prime members would save here, paying $22.50 instead of $30 for a set of Soami Ji. With postage in US – approx $27.50, tax extra. 

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  • Books are sent to you direct from the Amazon printer.
  • There are no returns unless the books are damaged. Returns go back to the printer. You need to contact them (and us) when you want to return damaged books.

Here is how it works:

1. You send an email request to info@saltriverpublishing.com with the titles you would like, quantity of each, and the mailing address(es) where the books are to be shipped. Remember to include the mailing addresses!

2. We send you an invoice for the total amount due, including shipping.

3. You send a PayPal payment for the full amount in US dollars to saltriverpubs@gmail.com.
A link is provided on the invoice that connects you to PayPal and talks you through the Send Money process.

Your payment is processed only when we place your order.

We send a confirmation email when we process your order and another when the printer ships your copy.


  • INNER WAY anthology ($16.50) @ 25% off = $12.37 each
    or $49.48 for 4 copies
  • Kabir: WAKE UP ($17.85) @ 25% off = $13.39 each
    or $53.56 for 4 copies
  • Paltu: DAWN ($9.75) @ 25% off = $7.31 each
    or $29.24 for 4 copies
    ($30 for a set of 2 vols) @ 25% off = $22.50 for 1 set
    or $90 for 4 sets. Approx $27.50 including mailing for one set mailed in US – and the mailing only increases by about $1 for two sets, so that is where you really save!

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