About the SRP estore

 So many problems are spiritual in nature. And healing often involves finding meaning, purpose and spiritual uplift. The right words at the right time can turn a life around. Therapists, practitioners can point the way for clients who are seeking meaning; writers and artists have an opportunity to share in that work. Thank you, Salt River.  – Reader response to the Salt River books

  •  Salt River Publishing is a no-profit publishing company. SRP does not make any money at all from publishing and selling its books. The SRP authors, editors, book designers and illustrators earn fees and royalties – but not SRP.
  • Reader reviews   We all love to read what other people have to say about books we’re interested in. Feel free to post your own candid comments on any of the SRP books at Amazon. Click on the title you want, scroll down and click on “Write a customer review”. It’s quick and easy – and much appreciated.
  • Salt River books depend entirely on word-of-mouth marketing.
  • Author royalties: Gentle reminder – When you lend or borrow a book, the author doesn’t get a royalty. When you buy a copy, they do.
  • Spread the word!   If you enjoy our books, please recommend them to friends… Give them out at your study groups… Donate a copy to your library… “Like” them in social media… Blogs… emails…
  • Thank you for being supportive.

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