You have a manuscript and would like help in bringing it out as a book… Read on!

Help needed with the content

  • If you would like somebody with a good eye to read through your book and help you with punctuation, spelling, paragraphing and general consistency and flow, you might enjoy working with one of our copy-editors.
  • If you would like to work with somebody who can help you bring alive the content of your book, feel free to connect with one of our content editors.
  • If you would like to publish your book at Salt River, the keywords of our books are: inspiring, encouraging or entertaining. If your book generally fits SRP parameters – whether it’s a cookbook, a children’s book, a book on education, whatever – email a short description of your book and 5 pages of excerpts to: 

Help needed with layout and design

  • You can print a book direct from a Word document, but it will look like a book printed direct from a Word document. If you’d like your book to look professional, you might be wise to get the help of an experienced book designer. You can choose to go for a simple design package (less expensive) or go all out for something more elaborate, including the publication and distribution of your book at amazon – depending on your needs, your preferences and your budget.
  • Do you have an idea for the cover of your book? Again, you can go it alone… or you can ask a cover designer to work with you, providing a couple of alternative sketches for you to select from.

Help needed with and marketing

  • When your document is ready to go, you can get guidance from our CS coordinator in setting up everything for printing at – or you can have the SRP Editor handle it for you.
  • Not sure about copyright options and what the ISBN options refer to? You can browse our Copyright and ISBN page for more info.
  • You’d like to market your book but you’re not sure where to start? You’d like somebody else to do some of the marketing for you? The SRP marketing consultant is there to assist you.

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