Book Design & Composition

Kartik Gera is passionate about children’s literature and is the art editor of four Salt River “New Moon” books by children for children.

You’re welcome to contact Kartik for more information:

Kathy Leland has years’ of experience working with photos, yearbooks, and teaching InDesign. Her latest work is the Salt River Teach with Spirit – Look inside to see Kathy’s layout and design: exciting and creative!

You’re welcome to contact Kathy for more information:


Carol White has years’ of experience in designing books and doing the layout (composition) in Adobe InDesign.

To give you an idea of the books Carol has successfully designed, here is a list that shows the range of books she has worked on:

  • Poetry
  • Prose
  • Letters
  • Transcriptions of talks
  • Academic texts
  • Prose with poetry or letters, combined with photographs

Carol is the designer of several Salt River books, including The Inner Way, Wake up! if you can, Dawn has come, Stumbling towards enlightenment, Coming of age, Butterfly kisses, and Rajasthan suite memory.

You’re welcome to contact Carol for more information:

Check out ASSISTANCE for other aspects of finalizing and publishing your work that SRP can help you with.

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