Anthea Guinness does the final-level proofread of all books published at Salt River. She combines proofreading with a list of what needs to be done before your book goes to press. She coordinates the final pre-press stage, making sure your book has a complete set of front & back matter (including a copyright page), and she reviews the interior book design and gives you feedback on the cover design. If she feels your book needs a deeper level of editing to bring out the best, she will encourage you to work with an editor of your choice, at Salt River or elsewhere. She founded Salt River Publishing, a no-profit company, after more than two decades’ of working with a range of authors in the US and elsewhere on their books. You’re welcome to contact her any time for more information at

Patricia Kot works fast and charges reasonable fees. She has ten years of experience in professional proofreading and copy-editing and heads her own company. You’re welcome to contact her at

Sandra Castellino is a “natural” proofreader with years’ of experience copy-editing books and articles for publication. She has a good eye, great focus, and skill with punctuation – all the basics for catching the omissions and commissions in your document. Sandra also has a head for organization – she is practiced at bringing order out of chaos, which may be useful at some stage as you finalize your work. You’re welcome to contact her at

Go to ASSISTANCE for other aspects of finalizing and publishing your work that SRP can help you with.

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