Cover Design

Kathy Leland has years’ of experience working with photos, yearbooks, and teaching InDesign. Her latest cover design is the Salt River Teach with SpiritLook at that cover: exciting and creative!

You’re welcome to contact Kathy for more information:


Carol White has designed covers for a variety of books. She is comfortable coming up with designs or working with you on a design you have in mind. She works in Photoshop and can handle the printing process for you at – or she can give you a finalized PDF that you upload at

Talk with her to get more details:


Reagan Word has designed covers for books and is an extremely gifted and versatile artist. He can take the cover design to the PDF completion stage or he is willing to take your concept and come up with the artwork, leaving you to finalize the cover however you want.

Contact him to get more details:


Go to ASSISTANCE for other aspects of finalizing and publishing your work that SRP can help you with.

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