Considerations for Writers

Your aim or intention
Robert Bly recommends (in Talking All Morning) that poets put their work into a drawer and leave it there for at least ten years to mature. You may have done that already and are now ready to let it come out into the open – to share with friends or people out there who might enjoy and be encouraged or inspired by your work, whether poetry, short stories, a novel, translations, plays, a blog, a diary, letters, a work of non-fiction, a combination of writing and illustrations or photographs… whatever!

You may have remained hidden for a long time. Do you want to publish under your own name or use a pseudonym to protect your privacy? Once you are known, will you be able to go on creating in the same way as before – or will your private creative space feel invaded by critics and well-wishers? Some writers and other artists produce their best work before they become well known. Some writers even produce only one work; after they become known, their creativity somehow dries up. Not wishing to scare you, but these things need to be considered before you go public using your own name. Georgette Heyer is a very well known and successful writer who never gave interviews, never promoted her books, guarded her privacy tenaciously – and was known as Mrs Rougier in her private life.

Other considerations

At some point, you may find it informative to browse these pages:

ASSISTANCE for all aspects of finalizing and publishing your work that SRP can help you with

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