Considerations for Authors

A word to the wise: Private publishing (as opposed to big commercial publishing) is about passion. Golf, ballroom, marathons – you do it because you love it and you’re willing to make the investment of sweat, time and money that’s required. The bottom line is: You are happy!

If this describes you, read on…

Letter to a prospective SRP author from the Editor

Right off, let’s name the elephant: when you self-publish, it costs you money. So the first step is to evaluate how much you want to produce your work as a book and how much you are willing to spend on doing so. And whether you want to try recouping your investment by direct sales at talks, presentations and promotional events.

At Salt River we can help you publish in a variety of ways, with different price ranges.

  • On the one hand, you could choose DIY – almost no cost but it may involve downloading and using templates for interior and cover (from, for example) – for paperback and Kindle.
  • On the other hand you may decide to pay an SRP editor – or an editor of your own choosing – and later on a designer to do the interior and cover: goal – to turn your manuscript into a book that meets a higher standard than you feel you can attain on your own.
  • Or some combination in between.

The editors and designers associated with SRP are independent contractors. Each author is free to choose who they work with – SRP or other professionals. The author contacts the people concerned, finalizes fees etc. At the final stage, if the author wishes to publish at SRP, I coordinate with the author, editor and designer.

If you decide to work with me as your editor, I will help you by contacting the two designers I have worked with in the past and getting estimates & timeframes from them.

For details on my fees, please see this page at the website. From what you say about your manuscript, it would fit the “content editing” category – light or medium. With a long work like yours, I prefer to work over a period of months – to allow things to settle and evolve. One way of looking at the editing fee is to think of it as paying me a monthly amount to work with you on your book as a part-time assistant.

One more thing: I only work with authors who are committed to publishing their book at Salt River. (It would theoretically be OK to publish elsewhere in addition, but the first edition is SRP’s.) I consistently put in extra unpaid time and a lot of thought on each project – with the aim of building an attractive list of high-standard books at SRP, each book indirectly promoting all the others.

Hope this gives you helpful info to think about. I’m here if you have further questions!

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