Costs and fees

Minimal cost DIY

  • If your budget is small, think about publishing your book at Salt River as a DIY project. You may use a template for the cover (we have access to 25 professionally designed covers to choose from) or you can provide your own cover PDF, and you yourself do the interior design of your book in Word.
  • Once your document is in “perfect” shape (content and grammar), you send us a PDF to see whether your final document meets the SRP standards. When approved, it’s uploaded for printing. There is a fee at this stage for SRP time involved in doing the readthrough of your book, listing things that need to be added/corrected, and for taking the book from PDF to printing.
  • Contact us early on if you’d like to publish your book in this way. Give us an idea of your budget, what your intentions for the book are and how you’d like to proceed. See below for SRP application procedure.

You’d like Salt River Publishing to handle your book

  • SRP application procedure: Send an email description of your book and 5 pages of excerpts to to see whether your book fits in with the type of books SRP publishes (key words: encouraging, inspiring – whether children’s stories, veg cookbooks, inspirational sayings, a novel…)  THIS EVALUATION IS FREE.
  • If accepted for publication, your book needs to be in good shape. Salt River is a no-profit publisher: they make no income from any book or for listing publishing professionals or promoting SRP books at the website and in the back of SRP publications. SRP provides a Salt River ISBN (international id number for your book) for each SRP book, free.
  • There is no investment for printing: Once your book is ready to go, it is printed “on demand”. You don’t have to print a lot of copies. And whether you print one copy or 100, the cost price of your book remains the same.
  • Cost price, royalty, retail price: You decide how much you want to sell your book for and how much royalty you wish to make. SRP will let you know what the cost price of your book is (a fixed price decided by the printer).
  • You’re welcome to contact SRP any time with questions about the SRP process:
  • Look on the bright side: Are you passionate about writing and/or publishing your work? Publishing your book will cost money. But hey, golf costs money too! It’s all about your passion. Mine is books, so I’m willing to spend time and money writing, designing and publishing my books – and helping you publish yours.

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