DIY books

Imprint for DIY books

  • Imprint names indicate a particular type of book
  • The Salt River imprint for DIY books (low budget, no SRP editing, semi-self published) is … actually, to date all the DIY authors ended up getting professional help from SRP, so we haven’t come up with a DIY imprint yet!
  • The publisher name would be Salt River Publishing and SRP would provide you with an ISBN number.
  • Details available when you are at the semi-final stage.


A few suggestions for self-publishing under Salt River:

  • Get help from a friend who knows computers, Word, publishing (or LibreOffice and Scribus)
  • Go to and read the Forums for guidance on what you’re doing
  • Decide on the trim size for your book early on and set your margins (in Word) accordingly – use “Mirror margins” option in Word
  • Set a larger inner margin than your outer margin (Mirror margins menu)
  • Choose an attractive readable font
  • Select a font size that works for readability (not too large, not too small)
  • “Style” your book in Word (or LibreOffice)
  • Children’s books: If you can’t afford illustrations, invite the children to draw and paint their own! Print your text on the right-hand pages only, leaving the facing left-hand pages blank for the child’s artwork.
  • Think about the cover (check out the cover templates at createspace) and the fonts available for that – do you want to imitate them with a decorative Chapter Head font?
  • Revisit frequently & search the Forums for answers to your Qs!

Note: Salt River is happy you are producing your book with us at minimum expense to yourself, but we cannot coach you for free through the process. The process is part of your adventure in semi-self-publishing your book. We wish you all the best with it! We have collectively spent decades getting trained and polishing our publishing skills, so we know you will probably feel a bit of a learning curve. Go for it!

And if you find you are in over your head, getting frazzled with frustration, developing an ulcer OR you just plain changed your mind and have decided you do have funds after all, then contact Salt River pronto and we’ll do the rest for you. LOL

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