Authors need readers

Some of you are wonderfully loyal and supportive of our endeavours at Salt River Publishing. Thank you!

Here are a few ways anybody can show support, culled from the spontaneous actions of all of you:

  • Readers sometimes ask whether it helps the SRP authors to shop at the author estore rather than at Amazon. Frankly, yes – the author gets a better royalty at the Salt River estore.
  • Reader reviews   We all love to read what other people have to say about books we’re interested in! Feel free to post your own comments on any of the SRP books at Amazon. Click on the title you want, scroll down and click on “Write a customer review”. It’s quick and easy – and much appreciated.
  • Gifts to friends   Do you sometimes get stuck for a gift to give to relatives, colleagues, neighbours and friends? Why not order some copies of SRP books – one reader told us it gives her great pleasure, sharing SRP books with others here and there. Another reader said her precious copy of an SRP book came from somebody who purchased a dozen copies and handed them out to all the participants in a weekly get-together! Love it!

We are excited about the evolution of Salt River as more authors and story-tellers write in, asking to come on board. You’ll see their work this year and next – their projects are already underway. So a big Thank You for your participation in the SRP adventure: authors need readers… just as readers need authors!