Salt River Publishing is pleased to announce the arrival of our latest book:


Wake up! if you can includes 101 poetic sayings by the mystic Kabir with helpful reflections that extend the meaning, and mystic stories that illustrate them…

It makes a delightful addition to any library – so treat yourself!

“Wake up! if you can” – sayings of Kabir

Salt River Publishing is pleased to announce that on June 23rd 2014 we published WAKE UP! IF YOU CAN:

Wake Up! if you can

“The intention of this small book of sayings is to offer – thanks to Kabir – a homeopathic dose of hope, help and humour for the way.”

More than 30 sayings of Kabir: inspiring, touching, encouraging, delightful – and very Kabir! He is bold, unexpected, witty… and this little book captures those Kabir qualities admirably.

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Kabir: Talk of the Beloved

Browsing today through an earlier 1990s incarnation of The Inner Way (Phoenix: Salt River Publishing, 2013), I came across these Kabir couplets. Can one ever get enough of Kabir?

You think I can describe the Beloved?
He is beautiful.
And then –
There’s this oneness,
A unity
In colour, form, beauty.

I’m dyed in that colour,
In his love,
Intoxicated with his radiance –
Lost to my body, mind
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