Salt River Publishing is pleased to announce the arrival of our latest book:


Wake up! if you can includes 101 poetic sayings by the mystic Kabir with helpful reflections that extend the meaning, and mystic stories that illustrate them…

It makes a delightful addition to any library – so treat yourself!

INNER WAY is here

It’s December 12th and Salt River is celebrating: The Inner Way anthology is out!

Yes, it will be available in Kindle in 2014. And an audio version is planned for 2014.

With many thanks to all those who contributed time, feedback, suggestions and moral support – and many thanks to the SRP team!

Jaimal Singh: 18 August 1896

…You write that when you listen, you’re not able to distinguish any particular sound. Don’t worry about it: when you listen to the sound, listen for the bell sound – at first you’ll hear a sound like a cricket talking, a thin high sound, then the sound of a conch, much deeper, and then the sound Continue reading

fixin’ to get enlightened

Piggly Wiggly logo

Piggly Wiggly logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In Texas (where I was born and raised) we have a phrase, “fixin’ to”. In Texan, “fixin’ to” means getting prepared. As in, “I’m fixin’ to head out to the Piggly Wiggly” or “I’m fixin’ to have me a nervous breakdown”. Continue reading

To Simran, dear husband, sweet love ~ by Maggie Keenan

[Editor’s note: MK wrote this poem several years ago in the days following the death of her husband – struggling with shock, grief and the obligation to keep on going… “Simran” means the repetition of names of God, sometimes called constant interior prayer.]

Walk with me, Simran, dear husband, sweet love. Continue reading