Salt River Publishing is pleased to announce the arrival of our latest book:


Wake up! if you can includes 101 poetic sayings by the mystic Kabir with helpful reflections that extend the meaning, and mystic stories that illustrate them…

It makes a delightful addition to any library – so treat yourself!

INNER WAY is here

It’s December 12th and Salt River is celebrating: The Inner Way anthology is out!

Yes, it will be available in Kindle in 2014. And an audio version is planned for 2014.

With many thanks to all those who contributed time, feedback, suggestions and moral support – and many thanks to the SRP team!

Mira: Song of sixes

This is Mira in a lighter mood. Nice to know she wasn’t always agonizing in separation from her Beloved!

Listen, my friends – I’ll sing you a song of sixes!
A one: A gong resounds
Inside your body, endlessly.

A two: Inside this body of ten doors
A huge drum is beating, night and day.

A three: Inside this body
Are flower-filled fields and gardens. Continue reading