In a nutshell

The opening to Saar Bachan Prose by Shiv Dayal Singh – very powerful!

This world is not lasting, nor are any of the things connected with it.

Sensible people evaluate their involvements in the world and see them for what they are – temporary. So they put the human body to good use by worshipping God through bhajan and simran.

As a result, they benefit from all the things the Creator, out of his compassion, has given us inside the body and they take the priceless jewel, the essence of the elements – their surat or soul – all the way back to its original home.


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Shiv Dayal Singh: The month of Leo

Shiv Dayal Singh wrote a group of twelve songpoems, one for each month of the Indian calendar. Unlike the Gregorian calendar we use, the Indian months are a way of tracking the movement of the sun from one constellation to the next – each month beginning when the sun moves into the next constellation in the zodiac. This songpoem is for the month of Saawan (July-August) when the sun is in Leo – the beginning of the rainy season in India. One approach to reading it is to subdivide it into 3 sections: Life’s potential; Wasted opportunity; Life well spent. As with all his other Zodiac poems, this one is pretty intense. Continue reading