“Dawn has come” – songpoems of Paltu

Salt River Publishing is pleased to announce that on August 1st 2014 we published DAWN HAS COME – songpoems of the mystic Paltu!

Paltu was a charismatic mystic and teacher in the 1700s whose beautiful songpoems, sung to a haunting melody, electrify audiences in India to this day.

DAWN HAS COME is a pocketbook collection of Paltu’s mystic writings – fresh translations from the original Hindi, echoing the sparkle, humour and lyricism of Paltu’s style.

The selection focuses on love poems – Paltu’s writings about the master, the master/disciple relationship, and the unfolding of the inner way.

DAWN HAS COME is the second in the Tuppany series. The first is WAKE UP! IF YOU CAN – SAYINGS OF KABIR.

The book includes an introduction, a glossary of mystic expressions, and a life sketch of Paltu.

Enjoy 🙂