Mystic songpoems alert

We’re excited about the new website!

  • If you have been following the “Mystic songpoems” blog, you will be happy to know there are a whole series of new posts coming up on this topic – over at the new site, under the same blog title – Mystic songpoems.
  • These are excerpts from the Inner Way anthology, used with permission, as part of the Inner Way Guided Tour.
  • A new feature at the Anthology website is the discussion of each songpoem in the Inner Way – exploring a little deeper the mystic terms and expressions used in each piece.

We hope you’ll enjoy!

INNER WAY is here

It’s December 12th and Salt River is celebrating: The Inner Way anthology is out!

Yes, it will be available in Kindle in 2014. And an audio version is planned for 2014.

With many thanks to all those who contributed time, feedback, suggestions and moral support – and many thanks to the SRP team!